: a sensation of noise (as a ringing or roaring) that is caused by a bodily condition (as a disturbance of the auditory nerve or wax in the ear) and typically is of the subjective form which can only be heard by the one affected*.


God may have taken away their last lead singer, but it was the internet that gave local Winnipeg band, Tinnitus, Jordan Nickel.  The band had gone through many roster changes throughout their three and a half years of performing together.  Their most recent singer began butting heads when he converted to Christianity.

“Before he left he wanted to change lyrics; he wanted to change a couple song titles,” Clint Chaboyer, the band’s drummer, said, rolling his eyes.

“Like ’What would Satan Do?’  He’s like: I can’t speak that filth anymore,” Tinnitus guitarist, Dylan-Ryder Chaboyer laughed.

Since the departure of the most recent singer, the band began try-outs for a replacement to fill out Dylan’s guitar, Darren Dujlovic’s bass, and Clint’s drums.  They found, Jordan Nickel, or rather Jordan Nickel found them, through the Metal Winnipeg group on Facebook.

After only signing on with Tinnitus a few weeks prior, their first show was Thursday, September 16, 2010 at The Zoo in Osborne.  But you wouldn’t know that to see them perform.  Instead, it felt as though they’d been playing together for years.

“They’re more energetic,” Karen Cottrell said, “And they move around a lot more than they did before.”
Karen has been a fan of the band for over two years, “I’ve been to every show.”  She also volunteers for the band, selling thongs, CDs, and other Tinnitus apparel; as well she takes pictures of band’s performances.

She’s seen the band go through three vocalists.  “Jordan is a great addition to the group,” She said.  “He’s a good fit.”

There were also those in the audience who had heard Tinnitus only once or twice before.  Bianca Pengelly was one of those.  “I’d seen them a few times before, but I definitely prefer this new lineup,” she said.  “I know Dylan and Clint from way back and they’re so into their music.  They’re always telling me: ‘there’s only a few more days till the show’.  They’re always so pumped.  It’s good to see that they have a lead singer who shares that excitement.”

*Mirriam-Webster’s Dictionary: http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/tinnitus


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