X-Men (recast)

So we got to talking at my birthday party tonight about who would be in a recast version of X-Men.  It started as who would do a good job and it degenerated into who would be the funniest in the role.  Here is the list, you can judge for yourself which actor would do a good job and who would be hilarious:

X-Men (recast)

Professor Xavier – Christopher Lloyd
Magneto – Christopher Walken
Cyclops – Tom Cruise
Jean Grey – Julia Roberts
Beast – John Goodman
Wolverine – Jack Black
Rogue – Lindsay Lohan
Frost – Zak Effron
Gambit – Jean Claude-Van-Damme
Storm – Queen Latifa
Mystique – Pamela Anderson
Sabretooth – Mickey Rourke
Nightcrawler – David Hasselhoff
Colossus – Arnold Schwarzenegger

We’ll probably add more later.  What do you think?


2 thoughts on “X-Men (recast)

  1. I think this would make for a pretty hilarious movie. At the next party, you should try to decide who should be cast in an Archie movie….

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