Catering to the Gullible and Naive (but you do get Miracle Spring Water!)

I was watching the History Channel and they had this super long commercial about buying these commemorative quarters. And I was shocked at the guilt-ridden undertones they’re using as a selling tactic. One of the “customers” who’s obviously an actor says (of past opportunities to cash in on collecting junk that they hope will sell for big bucks): “I’m ashamed to say I let my husband talk me out of it, and now I saw that very painting on one of those Antique shows, and it was appraised at thousands of dollars . . . don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity.”

I’ve been noticing more and more weird infomercials and one of the funniest I’ve seen is the Miracle Spring Water courtesy of Peter Popoff. lol, you’ll have to check that out too. ;)

and this is him being exposed.


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